positive [päz′ə tiv]
[ME positif < OFr < L positivus < positus: see POSITION]
1. formally or arbitrarily set; conventional; artificial [a positive law]
2. definitely set; explicitly laid down; admitting of no question or modification; express; precise; specific [positive instructions]
a) having the mind set or settled; confident; assured [a positive person]
b) overconfident or dogmatic
4. showing resolution or agreement; affirmative; certain [a positive answer]
5. tending in the direction regarded as that of increase, progress, etc. [clockwise motion is positive]
6. making a definite contribution; constructive [positive criticism]
7. unrelated to anything else; independent of circumstances; absolute; unqualified
8. that has, or is considered as having, real existence in itself, not just in the absence of other attributes [a positive good]
9. based, or asserted as based, on reality or facts [positive proof]
10. concerned only with real things and experience; empirical; practical
11. Informal complete; absolute; out-and-out [a positive fool]
12. Biol. directed toward the source of a stimulus [positive tropism ]
13. Elec.
a) of, generating, or charged with positive electricity
b) having a deficiency of electrons
14. Gram.
a) of an adjective or adverb in its simple, uninflected or unmodified form or degree; neither comparative nor superlative
b) of this degree
15. Math. designating a quantity greater than zero, or one to be added; plus
16. Med. having or demonstrating, showing, or proving the presence or existence of a condition, an infection, symptoms, bacteria, etc. [a patient who is positive for TB, a positive TB test]
17. Photog. with the light and shade corresponding to those of the subject
something positive, as a degree, quality, condition, etc.; specif.,
a) Elec. a terminal, electrode, or plate that attracts a flow of electrons from a negative terminal, electrode, or plate, as in a storage battery or dry cell
b) Gram. the positive degree; also, a word or form in this degree
c) Math. a quantity greater than zero, or one to be added; plus quantity
d) Photog. a photographic print, or a film for use in a projector, on which light and shadow correspond to what they were in the subject

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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